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20 Years Of Excellence in HealthCare

Malik Radix Healthcare Private Limited is an 70 bedded multi-specialty hospital founded by a group of successful doctors and healthcare advocates of the country. Started in 2003, the hospital has ensured comfort, compassion, and cure to its patients for the last 20 years. Radix Healthcare is known for its quality and commitment to the healthcare industry throughout the national capital of India.


At Malik Radix Healthcare Private Limited we provide a compassionate and caring experience to our patients and their families. We promise to deliver homely care to every patient.


We act ethically and are accountable in everything we do. Hence, we have created an honest and trustful environment through teamwork, professionalism, and mutual respect.


We understand that improvements and innovations are essential with the change in time. Therefore, Malik Radix Healthcare Private Limited stays ahead of the curve by constantly creating innovation.


At Malik Radix Healthcare Private Limited, we do the best. We work as a team with experience, advanced technology, and best practices to provide the highest-quality care for our patients and families.


We are committed to Serving Humanity.
Our actions tell the world what  Malik Radix Healthcare Private Limited is and what we stand for. We believe that the partnership of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals forms the foundation of excellent care.

Quality Healthcare Services and
Quality Healthcare Services and

Medical Expertise

Rapid healing with compassion
Rapid healing with compassion

and Perfection

Economical and
Economical and

Homely environment

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We treat with compassion and ensure our patients feel comfortable and safe in the hands of our excellent doctors. Our doctors are available for you round the clock , We are always with you in need.

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Dr Renu Malik


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Radix Recoveries

Our hospital works on a patient-centric concept, therefore we ensure our services and facilities should be up to mark.

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Director's Note Dr Ravi Malik

Director,  Malik Radix Healthcare Private Limited

“Prevention is better than cure. Health should be your priority. You can lose your money, but you must never lose your health. The relationship between doctors and patients is almost as strong as blood relations. Our doctors are available for you round the clock, we are always with you when you are vulnerable.”