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Dr. Ravi Malik, a profound Pediatrician and Dr. Renu Malik, an experienced Gynecologist, together initiated an altruistic motive to establish Radix Healthcare, a multi-speciality hospital, registered with Government of NCT Delhi, to facilitate the medical services for patients with all kinds of backgrounds, in 2003. We consider it as our social responsibility to deliver quality healthcare services and medical expertise with compassion, positivity and perfection.

16+ years of
Excellence in Healthcare

Excellence is a way of life for Radix Health Care. We have an experience of over 16 years of delivering one of the best clinical services, keeping patient care as priorities in order to meet their expectations with excellence, promoting healthy, independent and positive way of leading life. We are committed towards transparency with our patients and motivate them to maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing them best expert advices under guidance of excellent and successful medical advocates.

Specialized Doctors

Specialised doctors in the respective field to deliver the best quality of service to each patient.

Health Insurance

Offers best health insurance plans in Delhi today to meet the needs of individuals and families.

Emergency Care

Radix has specially equipped and best Emergency Care service in Delhi for Intensive care unit.

Radix Diagnostics Lab

A leading Diagnostic center with a focus on providing quality healthcare services.

Our Renowned Experts

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The Walkthrough to our RadixHealthcare

Walk along us through the corridors of Radix Healthcare and experience what we provide in this excellent medical facility. We treat with compassion and ensure our patients feel comfortable and safe in the hands of our excellent doctors. Our hospital works on a patient-centric concept, therefore we ensure our services and facilities should be up to mark.

From the Directors Note

A note from the Director. “Prevention is better than cure. Health should be your first priority. You can lose your money, but you must never lose your health. The relationship between doctors and patients is almost as strong as blood relation. Our doctors are available for you round the clock, we are always with you in need.” says Dr. Ravi Malik.

In the times of pandemic COVID-19

In the times of pandemic COVID-19, we ensure our patients feel at home, when they are in the Radix COVID wards, and recover as soon as possible with the right medical interventions. You are not alone in these difficult times, we are there for you, with you 24/7. You can trust us, you will be fine super soon, at Radix Healthcare.

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