Dr. Ridhima Malik Arora


Dr. Ridhima Malik Arora

MBBS, MD (Dermatology & VD)


4 Years Experience Overall

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Dr. Ridhima Malik is a dedicated dermatologist whose journey in medicine is fueled by a profound passion for patient care and clinical excellence. Graduating with top honors from Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College, Pune, she has swiftly risen through the ranks, demonstrating exceptional skill and compassion in her field. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ridhima fearlessly served on the frontline, embodying resilience and selflessness. Now, as a valued member of Malik Radix Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi, Ridhima continues to make a meaningful impact, providing expert care and innovative treatments to her patients. With her unwavering commitment to advancing dermatological care and her compassionate approach to healing, Ridhima stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration in the medical community.

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