Some of the common skin conditions that may lead to difficulty in normal life, that may make the person feel uncomfortable in their own skin are acne, eczema, ringworm, loss of skin pigment, keratosis pilaris, chickenpox, blisters, contact dermatitis, lupus, cellulitis, fungal skin infections, psoriasis, hives, skin allergies and other skin conditions.

Radix Department of Dermatology is the foundation of medicine concerned with the supreme level of diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. The dermatologists in this department have been renowned in delivering the best results in diagnosing skin conditions through physical examinations and providing the latest technological treatments and medications to ensure patient satisfaction.

Our Services

  • All skin eczemas and laser services

  • Dermatological disorders

  • Venereal diseases and leprosy

  • Dermatological emergencies like acute Urticaria

  • Erythroderma

  • Our Doctors


    Dr. Niharika Jha

    MBBS, MDerm. (Skin VD)

    over 4 years of experience


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