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Posted on: 28/07/2023

Ways to Cope with Cancer Diagnosis

A life touched by Cancer is life forever changed. All of a sudden making plans for the future, setting goals, setting deadlines for tasks become unclear. Life begins to revolve around the diagnosis.

The questions like ‘Why me?’ Horrors you. 

While you can’t change the diagnosis what you can change is what you do after you know about it. As Mohmmad Ali said, “Don’t count the days, make the days count.” Now it is you who’s in the driver’s seat, thus you choose the road to take.

Here, we share 4 tips to cope up healthily with your emotions and enjoy the purpose of the present:

  1. Enjoy Nature: Spending time with nature can be very therapeutic, nature can help you heal the way nothing else can. Taking a walk, smelling flowers, stargazing can overall relieve stress and contribute to improving your overall health conditions. Make sure to talk to your doctor and know what a safe outdoor space can be for you.
  2. Learn A New Skill: Learning a new skill can help improve stress for a lot of cancer patients, for instance, learning photography or playing a musical instrument, painting, drawing etc. These can help improve depressive symptoms and even physical pain.
  3. Meditate: For so many people meditating has helped them connect to themself spiritually. These include practising various breathing exercises which will lead to self-introspection and help one to answer difficult questions about the meaning of life. It will take you by surprise to see how meditation will help you in the journey of being a cancer warrior.
  4. Maintain a journal: Keep a journal. Write down your thoughts about what gives meaning to your life and what are you grateful for. You can always refer to it as a pick-me-up. 

A cancer diagnosis can entirely change your life. However, finding a supportive community, learning a new skill, keeping a journal and sharing your experiences can heal you physically and mentally.

Free Cancer OPD at RadixHealthcare:

In an  effort to create cancer awareness, we are holding a Free-OPD for cancer for all age group patients at Radix-Healthcare every Sunday. Our cancer specialist, Dr Sandeep Agarwal will be there for you and cater to all types of cancer treatment.
The following facilities will be provided during the camp:- 

  • Complete oral examination 
  • Complete comprehensive OPD 
  • Physical check-up 
  • Consultation from the top and expert doctor 
  • Counselling and Awareness Talk