Dr. Ankur Singhal

Dr. Ankur Singhal

MBBS, MS, M.Ch. (Urologist)


7+ years of experience

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Dr Ankur is an eminent urologist. He has been treating patients for 7+ years. He has specialised in several areas including diseases of the lower urinary tract, urologic oncology, endourology and minimally invasive surgical techniques like laparoscopy. His speciality is making people feel comfortable in his health care setting. He makes a special effort to provide his patients with access to the latest treatment options available, while also appropriately informing them of any potential complications that might come up if they are not able to comply with their treatment plans. He has helped hundreds of men deal with issues in many areas like diseases of the Kidney, Bladder, Prostate Gland, Male Infertility Problems, Male Sexual Health and benign urological disease.