A General Physician is one who is concerned with the general physical health of an individual. Our physicians ensure the overall internal health & well-being of the individual and ensure not only treatment but also prevention of diseases. Our doctors are experts in successfully treating cases of diabetes, hypertension, infections, tuberculosis, etc.

Radix Department of Medicine is a medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of internal diseases. Our facilities are always up to the mark with extensive pathological and radiological services to meet the needs of our patients.

Our Services

  • Endocrine diseases like Thyroid Ailments and Diabetes.

  • Hypertension and Cardiac ailments

  • Rheumatological diseases

  • Infections of all varieties

  • Adult vaccinations

  • Lifestyle diseases like obesity, Hyperlipidemia, Prediabetes

  • Neurological diseases like stroke, epilepsy, dementia, etc.

  • Renal diseases like acute and chronic kidney diseases

  • All gastrointestinal Disorders

  • Liver Related Disorders

  • Our Doctors

    AS Talwar.JPG

    Dr. A.S. Talwar

    MBBS,MD (Medicine)

    20 years of experience


    Consultation Fee:



    Dr. Sunny Uppal

    MBBS MD (Medicine)


    Consultation Fee: