Malik Radix Healthcare Hospital is a 68 bedded multi-specialty hospital that offers high-quality and affordable healthcare services to patients with various medical conditions.

The hospital has a dedicated emergency care department that provides round-the-clock and prompt medical care to patients who suffer from severe or life-threatening illnesses or injuries. The emergency care department has a team of skilled and experienced emergency doctors and nurses, who can handle any kind of medical emergency, such as cardiac arrest, stroke, trauma, or poisoning.

The emergency care department is well-equipped with modern medical devices and technologies, such as monitors, point-of-care diagnostics, essential drugs, and ambulance services. The emergency care department also works closely with other departments and specialists in the hospital, such as radiology, laboratory, cardiology, neurology, and neurosurgery.

The emergency care department follows international and national standards of quality and safety, and ensures that every patient receives the best possible care in the shortest possible time. The emergency care department can be accessed by calling the emergency access number or by visiting the hospital directly. The emergency care department is the first point of contact for any critically ill patient, and aims to save lives and limbs every day.

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