Cardiology (Non-invasive)

Cardiology (Non-invasive)


Cardiology is the branch of medicine concerned with all the heart disorders. These diseases are treated by cardiologists. At radix healthcare, we have a team of the best cardiologists. We provide medical treatments for various heart problems like pulmonary heart failure, heart defects, coronary heart diseases, and many more. At Radix we do everything to prevent heart ailments like TMT (Treadmill Test), 2D Echo, 24 Hour Holter Monitor, Stress Echo , PFT, Vital Parameter , Non CASI test, ECG, TMT, and cardiac consultation.

We are a all inclusive centre equipped with all kinds of latest technology to cater cardiac care for our patients. We aim at early diagnosis and treatment of heart surgeries also by using the cutting edge technology to offer superior quality care before, during and after the surgery.

Our Services

  • Cardiology Test

  • Stress Echo

  • 24hrs Holter Monitoring

  • Our Doctors

    Dr. Nishant Tyagi

    Dr. Nishant Tyagi

    MBBS, MD, DNB (Cardiology)

    Non-invasive Cardiology

    Cardiology (Non-invasive)

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