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  • June 29, 2021

India’s COVID-19 second wave indicates no signs of coming any sooner. It is spreading like a wildfire. After a dramatic fall in the economy, and a rise in loss of humankind in 2020 it is anticipated that this year it’s gonna be worse.  

According to the reporters, a count of 2,00,000 people tested positive in a single day all over the nation and over 1000 people died due to the virus. The hospitals are facing shortage for the availability of supplies such as beds. There are no beds available for the diseased patients. The only fact to be happy about is that India still has the  best recovery rate in the world. 

It is suggested to not ignore the signs mentioned below as that be a symptom of COVID-19 second wave: 

  • Unusual cough 
  • Red eyes
  • Breathlessness 
  • Stomach issues
  • Tiredness
  • Brain Fog 
  • Heart palpitations
  • Loss of smell or taste completely. 

In the month of January the government began vaccination drives in India. Researchers show that 110 million vaccinations have been administered in the nation since then. 

Anybody above the age 45 years can get vaccinated at the nearest clinic. It is compulsory to get 2 shots of the vaccination at intervals of 28-60 days. 

The vaccination may not help you save you completely from catching COVID-19 but it can surely reduce the effect of it, so that you can survive and come out of it safely without any complications. 

Register yourself at Radix Healthcare if you are eligible and still not vaccinated. 

It is commonly asked what are the side effects of this vaccine. Usually, after the vaccination, people complain of fever and body ache. This can be cured with antibiotic medicines like DOLO 650mg. 

The virus is spreading like wildfire and there is a tsunami of cases out there. Therefore it is suggested to avoid going out unless it is very urgent. Follow all the rules that are decided by the government for your safety such as wearing masks, take sanitization very seriously and maintain at least a 6ft difference with others. 

Radix healthcare has all the facilities to save you from this global pandemic. Book your appointment now! 

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