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UNLOCK 0.1, The World Beyond Lockdown !

UNLOCK 0.1, The World Beyond Lockdown !

  • July 29, 2020

Empty roads, covered faces, hands smelling of propanol, no moving airplane lights in the sky, thousands of people waiting to be able to go home and most worried when will they see the city lights again!! A 70 days total lockdown showed us what the tiniest of organism can do to the human kind. Now the question arrives, what is going to happen after the emergence of this historic COVID-19 pandemic? What changes does this pandemic leaves behind for us? Where the lockdown has caused severe economic chaos and uncertainty, it has helped mother-nature heal herself like never before in a long time. Clean rivers, clear sky, lesser pollution, improved wildlife, new hobbies, learning to stay home and spending good time with each other and most of all….a healthy lifestyle and importance of hygiene made spaces in our busy life schedules! India is now at the edge of lifting the lockdown to bring back life to normalcy, but…. Read it again!! Is it really going to happen? The 24/7 watching news to see any updates on coronavirus, searching on youtube the remedies to escape from it, educating yourself about the virus at the “Whatsapp universities”, recognizing every other person as a threat to your health as soon as you see them not wearing a mask, Is this going to evaporate somewhere in the air like it never existed??We’re all in a phase where our Sacraments i.e “sanskar “ in the near future are going to be like.. Namaste is better than a “paaye lagu”, A hug feels more threatening than comforting, sanitizer is more important than Ganga jal, maintaining social proximities is sacred, respecting the doctors and their advice above all! Why? Because now we know if you don’t do that it’s bad manners, not the god but the bacteria will punish you, with probably another 70 day lockdown. Now that the lockdown is over and we’re all waiting to be able to go back to our normal lives, going to school, colleges, Gym, movies, shopping, eating, travelling, hanging out with friends like before and what not! These are the things that increased the chances of you getting exposed to the virus, being in contact with an infected being, known or unknown. So taking proper precautions before stepping out is a must!!  The biggest thing deciphered in the past 70 days is that we can survive without all that too.. Cooking at home is fun! Spending more time with family and less with friends is fun! Working out at home is fun! The world has digitally transformed and now we know the importance of technology and how it helped the world fighting this pandemic. Just like every cloud has a silver line, this phase of our lives made us face many traumas but showed us the positive aspects of lifestyle too, which shall be with us for all our lives and generation to come. Now we wish for a world, where there is a collective consciousness towards personal and social hygiene, the right place for wildlife is in the forest and not your stomach, trash be in the trash and healthy immune systems that can fight any extraneous enemies like COVID-19. In the end, now that we know Unlock 0.1 is on the way, but keep in mind that there is still a count of 2,08,000 active COVID-19 reported cases and the future is always uncertain! So taking back a positive note from this blog, remember to be a good citizen, take proper precautions like wearing masks, sanitization and maintaining social distance and getting regular check-ups through online health consultations to ensure a good health to you and to your family!!