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Tips To Stay Sane during COVID-19.

Tips To Stay Sane during COVID-19.

  • June 29, 2021

Everyday we see a dramatic rise in the number of cases and deaths around us. Traumatic events have taken a toll on our mental health. Just like our physical safety our mental sanity needs attention too. Thus it is very important to know what to do to keep yourself sane and not just safe!! 

In these difficult times where people are trying to survive a pandemic, many states in India are running short of essential supplies that are essential for treatment of people suffering from CoronaVirus. This has made people feel insecure about losing their near and dear ones. So follow these recommendations to deal with these situations and come out like a HERO!

Recommendations from Psychologists on how to maintain your sanity. 

Stop  thinking about what you cannot control. 

  • Isolate yourself from news about the virus

Everything we need to know, we already know. We all know what is happening in the world. We see it around us. You do not need to be constantly thinking about it all day long.

  • Don’t look out for the death toll. 

It’s not a cricket match to know the latest score. Avoid that. It will stick in your subconscious mind and haunt you day and night. 

  • Don’t look for additional information on the Internet, it would weaken your mental state. 
  • Avoid sending fatalistic messages on social media. 
  • Some people don’t have the same mental strength as you. 

 Instead of helping, you could activate pathologies such as depression. Think deeply before sending another horror story to your friends or family. 

Instead of looking at the negative side.. Try to make the best out of your present 

situation and be positive. 

Focus on what you can control. 

  • Maintain discipline in the home by washing your hands, putting up a sign or alarm for everyone in the house.
  • Wear a mask and avoid going out unless it is very important.  
  • If possible, listen to music at home at a pleasant volume. Look for board games to entertain children, tell stories and future plans. 
  • Your positive mood will help protect your immune system, while negative thoughts have been shown to depress your immune system and make it weak against viruses.
  •  Focus on your work strategy for future, it’s time to restructure your personal & professional portfolio
  • Watch comedy movies & videos & stay with laughter as laughter is the best medicine. 
  • Most importantly, firmly believe that this shall also pass and we will be safe….!

 Think Positive, Stay Safe.

In such times, it is likely to get panic attacks or experience anxiety. But you have to find ways to keep yourself sane and healthy to come off strong from this phase of life!!