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Are Rotary brushes right for you?

Rotating Toothbrushes have come into the light recently. Every person wishes to have one as many people say that these brushes have improved the quality of their teeth. Now the question is, are they really right for you?? Keep reading to know more about it!    Rotati...

Tips To Stay Sane during COVID-19.

Everyday we see a dramatic rise in the number of cases and deaths around us. Traumatic events have taken a toll on our mental health. Just like our physical safety our mental sanity needs attention too. Thus it is very important to know what to do to keep yourself sane and not just safe!! ...

Know how to cope with Post-COVID-symptoms!

As we see the rise in recoveries in India, It is equally important to shift or rather divide our attention from the health active COVID cases to the health of Post-COVID-recovery cases. Organizations like the CDC and WHO, along with our own Ministry of Health and Fa...

Tips for the perfect smile on your Wedding Day!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. For sure, you are nervous but you want to face this new journey of your life, with a beautiful smile!! Everything should be perfect, and most importantly your smile. If you want to have that celebrity smile in all the pictures of your wedding, follow these tips to...

Feed Your Baby Right!

Most Parents face the dilemma of not knowing what to feed their newborn exactly, apart from mother’s milk. It’s time to break it down to you!  It is suggested to find a good baby formula for your infant or baby. Infant formula or baby formula is a manufactured fo...

Understanding Your Acne

Acne, commonly known as pimple, zit etc etc. This is one of the most prevalent and frequently faced skin issues by many all across the globe. We all have had days when we woke up with a sudden zit on the face and especially when it's a special day. That red bump with a yellow and painful tip is so annoying! Isn’t it? ...