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Post-pregnancy Physiotherapy: A blessing for New Mothers

There is beauty in the madness of becoming a mother. Nothing can beat the happiness of giving birth to another life, which almost feels like a Miracle. After delivery, it takes some time for the body to come back to normal. Postnatal pregnancy exercises help you to get body shape back, tone up the lax abdominal muscle and p...

IVF : A new hope

In Vitro fertilization, is a hope given to women with infertility by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards. It is an assisted reproductive technology that is used to treat infertile females with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. The method of IVF includes a combination of medicines, surgical pro...

Maternal stress during pregnancy

It is rightly said that the strength of a maternal is like no other. For a mother pregnancy is the phase of major changes. Changes in life, body and emotions. Thus it is very prevalent for them to develop stress during their pregnancy.  Change might be activ...