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Mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • July 29, 2020

“Making the sky so blue and rivers change their hue, now the land is green, the world is in quarantine, yet human mental life seems so unforeseen. And there emerged a pandemic called COVID-19.”

It has been a part of human nature to overlook the alarms nature gives us and thus the emergence of COVID-19 is a sign that nature is fighting back to cope with the mental stress, that, humans caused by exploiting the wildlife and natural resources.According to Ibrahim Maslow, in the theory of motivation and hierarchy of needs, we humans have some basic needs for survival which are being hampered in the times of lockdown, which have a pessimistic impact on our Mental Health.

Physiological needs:·         
Basic Needs: Food, water, and shelter. 

The poor of our country, are left with no jobs, no money to buy food for their families, and some are even stuck at the borders without shelter under the burning sun, without shelter. These are the most basic needs without which no human can survive, and thus many labour class individual lost their lives, including young children, old age members, and those who were deprived for too long for food, shelter, and water. Many died due to the virus itself due to a lack of sanitization. This increased the level of anxiety and depression, even manifesting to Post Traumatic disorders in the long run.·        

Security, Rest, and Safety Needs. 

The healthcare staff of the country including doctors and nurses are experiencing a lack of security and safety, as they are putting their lives at stake being pressurized to save our lives. They do not get time to rest due to the worsening conditions. Many lost their lives fighting this virus. And many were killed being misunderstood by the public. Their families are becoming victims of generalized social stigma. This has increased the level of separation anxiety and depression. They feel lonely and stressed which makes them depressed after which they lose motivation to work and even become suicidal sometimes.

  Belongingness & love needs.

As we are all stuck where ever we were when the lockdown was imposed, many young adults living away in different cities or countries away from their families and loved ones, have been missing the physical availability of someone else around them, neither they can go out and socialize. The doctors and nurses and the daily wage workers, all are missing their families and can’t wait anymore to be with them. This longing of satisfaction, attention, affection, sexual intimacy and loneliness results in stress, frustration, and depression.

  Prestige & Feeling of accomplishment:-

The doctors even after working continuously under so much pressure, leaving families behind, putting lives at stake and are still being harassed by their patients and even by neighbours. Which makes them feel that they lost the battle. The employees lost their jobs and salaries were being cut down, even after investing so much time and effort. Businessmen are in losses and debt. Their plights are such they cannot stop stressing and the rapid negative thought keeps them occupied which can cause serious harm to their mental health.     

 Self Fulfilment needs. 

When these people now reflect upon their losses and traumas that they had to face, they find hundreds of reasons to be pessimistic about life. When a person is not optimistic, they do not feel satisfied in life that in return, makes them feel pity that a tiny organism, a virus turned their lives upside down. They begin to question their existence and this makes them deprived of self-fulfilment.

The pandemic has taught us the importance of hygiene and healthy lifestyle but has put more emphasis on the importance of mental health.

  • It is only important to fulfil your needs to survive, the wants are endless and destructive. 
  •   It is important to stay positive.
  • keep yourself busy by engaging in household activities,·          exercise·        
  • develop new hobbies,·        
  • spend time with families·        
  • Make the most out of social media and technology·        
  • Try to fill in the void we all have gone through by helping others and learning to be a HUMAN in the right sense.

Life can be beautiful if you focus on the greener side! If you want to find out the solutions for your emotional issues, come out and share your feelings and emotions, speak up unapologetically with our friendly Mental Health experts at Radix Healthcare Hospital https://radixhealthcare.org/. Be the change and bring positivity in the life of yours and that of others!! Stay safe! Take care.