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Intimate Hygiene is two thirds of health.

Intimate Hygiene is two thirds of health.

  • October 9, 2020

Have you ever given your intimate areas more or even equal importance compared to your face or other parts of the body?
If you take care of your intimate hygiene, you can  stay fit for long.
Before we come to the main point, you will have to answer some of the questions below. 

Do you brush your teeth daily?

Do you wash your face every day?

Do you wash vegetables before eating?

Do you clean your intimate areas as above? 

If yes, then we can assume that you are a healthy person. If not, you need to learn some more about Intimate Hygiene. 

It is the most sensitive parts of your body. They need special or equal attention as any other part  of your body. We have come across a lot of cases where ladies take care of their vaginal area on a daily basis but lack the same during that time of the month. 

While menstruating, your intimate area gets even more sensitive and prone to infections and allergies. This makes it crucial to cultivate adequate intimate hygiene habits. 

Following are some important intimate hygiene habits that will help you always be clean and hygienic down there.

  • Always use dry undergarments.
  • Change your sanitary napkins every 6-8 hours. 
  • Wash and clean your intimate areas after having sex without failing. 
  • Do not use soap down there, instead invest in a good intimate wash.
  • Avoid douching.
  • Use feminine and intimate hygiene products which are not scented. 
  • Have safe sex
  • Wear bottoms that are comfortable and breathable. 
  • Do not shave your pubic hair, rather get it waxed to avoid infections and razor bumps. Shaving may also darken the skin down there.
  • Wipe the vagina after washing from front to back and not the other way round. 
  • Do not use sex toys without sterilizing them. 
  • Do not ignore the signs of vaginal infection. 

Every woman should follow these basic feminine hygiene tips to ensure a healthy vagina. Do share this information with all your friends to spread awareness including your daughters. Because knowing these tips right from puberty can make a huge difference in the overall health and wellness.