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How to talk to your kids about coronavirus

How to talk to your kids about coronavirus

  • August 8, 2020

In the times of coronavirus pandemic , our little monsters i.e. our kids have been sacrificing a lot of their leisure and calm. Although there is much research to suggest that children are at a very low risk of developing coronavirus, It is still essential for them to know what COVID-19 (coronavirus )is? 

The issue with children is their curious mind. They question everything that is happening around them. In this case parents need to know the effective way of letting their children be aware of surroundings while keeping them safe and happy at home. 

Add values of cleanliness and sanitation.

You may have observed that kids often imitate and learn what their family members & friends do. It is advised that you should wash your hands frequently with them. Take their help in keeping your surroundings clean. Tell your kids that if they will wash hands and keep their surroundings clean it will keep their loved ones and themselves safe and healthy. 

Watch news with them so that you can filter what they believe in. 

Sit with your children while watching news. It is important for them to know that there is something serious going on around. But it is also our responsibility to ensure that they do not get stressed after listening to the news. So explain everything to them with filtered information. 

Show them the brighter side and make them learn how to manage stress.

Children are very soft hearted and sometimes they care too much. As parents it is our work to make them know that stress is normal. It is okay to worry. Tell them things will be back to normal one day and they will be able to go to school and in the playground with their friends freely. 

Tell them the importance of healthy food.

Talk to your kids about how healthy vegetables and fruits can keep them healthy and safe. Feed them a lot of greens, bright colored vegetables and fruits, milk and eggs which will boost their immunity and help them grow. 

Tell them that children are not as vulnerable to this disease so they need not worry. 

Let your kids know that even if they have a minor flu or cough it is okay and it can be cured easily. Young children worry more about their family and friends and less about themselves. So make them talk to their grandparents through video calls to reassure them that everybody around them is fine too. 

Engage in physical activity and games with them. 

Spend ample time with your kids, this will help them keep busy and stay at home. It is very important for kids to stay happy, motivated and energetic at home for better growth and development during the spread of COVID-19. 

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