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Fungal Ear Infections During Monsoon

Fungal Ear Infections During Monsoon

  • August 1, 2020

The monsoon season is said to be the one where Fungal & Bacterial ear infections jump upto 40%. 

According to Dr. Sharad Singhi, a Senior ENT surgeon at Radix Healthcare, Monsoon brings a lot of respite from summer but it brings a lot of problems associated with it as well due to high humidity. 

  What is the cause of Fungal Infections?

When we are drenched in rain and sometimes we enter a room where the air conditioner is on. We often overlook the process of first drying ourselves and changing our clothes. The high density of humidity leads to the formation of fungus and bacteria. 

There are two types of ear infections that increase during the monsoon season:

  • Bacterial Ear Infection

Bacterias like Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae are responsible for Bacterial Ear Infections. Though bacterial infection cases happen throughout the year, there is a large increase in cases during monsoon.

  • Fungal Ear Infection

Clerically, Fungal infection is also known as Otomycosis. Due to high humidity and moisture in the air, our body absorbs moisture which manifests in becoming a breeding ground for fungus. The infection lies in the outer ear or the ear canal. 

According to Dr. Singhi, Small Children and elderly Diabetic Person are more vulnerable to such problems due to low immunity. The weak immune systems of such people make them an easier target for bacterias and fungus to attack. This is the reason why they are more prone to bacterial,fungal and viral infections.      

People suffering from these infections may face some of these symptoms:

  • Itching and redness.
  • Discharge of thick fluid (yellow, white, grey, green or black)
  • Discomfort or pain.

Treatment for Fungal Ear Infections during Monsoons include:

  • Use antifungal ear drops
  • microscopic suction clearance of fungal mass
  • topical antibiotics
  • Keep the ear dry for at least 3 weeks. 

If you ever notice any of these symptoms during this monsoon season, it is advised to visit your nearest ENT specialist. In case you require proper health advice and treatment, you may visit or take online health consultation from our absolutely experienced ENT specialists at Radix Healthcare, Nirman Vihar https://radixhealthcare.org/ Or Call us at 9873613111