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Radix Department of ENT is the foundation of medicine concerned with the supreme level of diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat related disorders.

The ENT Specialists in this department have been renowned in delivering the best results in diagnosing ENT conditions through physical examinations and providing the effective treatments and medications to ensure patient satisfaction.

Some of the common ENT conditions that may lead to difficulty in normal life, that may make the person feel uncomfortable are Congenital deformities (lop ear, pits), Cysts and tumors, Disorders of the hearing bones, Ear drum perforations, Ear wax, External ear canal problems, Fluid/recurrent infections, Hearing loss, Hoarseness, Nasal allergies, Nasal obstructionNasal polypsNosebleeds, Recurrent sinus infections, Recurrent sore throats, Ringing in ears (tinnitus), Skin cancers, Snoring, Swallowing problems, Throat cancer, Tumors of the voice box, Vertigo & balance disorders, Vocal nodules etc.

The exhilarating services provided for severe dermatological disorders include all ear, nasal and throat related treatments for any kind of ENT conditions.