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Dr. Ashok Goyal is a highly qualified and well-accomplished Gastroenterologist. He is a very familiar face to all those who have been suffering from any gastrointestinal disorder. He has been treating patients from across India with his skills as an excellent Gastroenterologist. He completed his M.B.B.S in 2013, MD in Pediatrics in 2017, Post Graduation Diploma in Pediatric Nutrition 2019 and Fellowship in Gastroenterology 2020. Currently, he Is working with Radix Healthcare. He deals with the treatment of all areas of gastroenterology, from inflammatory bowel disease to functional disorders including irritable bowel syndrome and inflaming abdominal pain syndromes. A lot of people have benefitted from his treatment methods and they are glad to recommend him as their go-to person for both serious as well as minor issues pertaining to the digestive tract.

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