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Nephrology deals with physiology of the normal working of the kidneys as well as its diseases. Kidneys act as an efficient filter for ridding the toxic waste and substances from the body. Radix Healthcare nephrology department caters with the diagnosis and treatment of nephrology diseases. 


Dialysis is the procedure that takes out all the waste products and unwanted toxins from the blood when the kidney stops working in balance. If the treatment is left untreated, this can cause unexpected symptoms and eventually be inoperable.  Radix Healthcare offers a variety of hemodialysis and  Slow Low-Efficiency Dialysis (SLED) facilities for both In-patient and Out-patient who require dialysis treatment around the clock. 

With the new technology available, our healthcare caters to patient’s facilities as per AAMI standards including 2 hemodialysis machines and SLED  machines and a RO system for pure water to provide full hemodialysis care to patients. Vascular access procedures are done regularly following all the hygiene protocols and safety standards with zero cross-infection practices at an affordable range which has been supervised by our highly skilled and experienced nephrologist and dialysis department.  

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