Gynecologists honor women and the female body, as it is the major essence of life. At Radix Healthcare, we provide complete care of motherhood. Our renowned and one of the leading Gynecologists of Delhi, practicing for the last 30 years dealing with all kinds of gynecological problems like prolapsed uterus, fibroid, menstrual abnormalities, infertility, abortions, ectopic pregnancy, etc. Our team of doctors is famous for delivering babies through normal and painless delivery procedures, considering the overall health of the mother and the child. Not just that, we have proved ourselves by handling complicated deliveries, gynecological & laparoscopic surgeries with utmost care and success. 

Radix healthcare is equipped with excellent facilities and services that meet the medical needs of women of all ages

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Dr Nupur Pagore Gynaecologist

Dr. Nupur Pagore


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