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Breastfeeding: Special bond of creation

It is rightly said that breastfeeding is a gift for a mother to herself, her child and nature. It is the foundation of the special bond of creation, which makes a child feel comfortable and stay connected with his mother.  Breastfeeding is like a bumpy ride. There ar...

Before you visit a hospital:  watch out !

During the spread of this covid 19 pandemic, the need of the moment is to be safe in order to keep your loved ones and surrounding safe. After being a spectator of this covid 19 pandemic for 4 months, you don’t need to be taught what precautionary measures you should be taking in order to ensure your safety....

Fungal Ear Infections During Monsoon

The monsoon season is said to be the one where Fungal & Bacterial ear infections jump upto 40%.  According to Dr. Sharad Singhi, a Senior ENT surgeon at Radix Healthcare, Monsoon brings a lot of respite from summer but it brings a lot of problems associated with it...

Diabetes-A Silent Killer

Diabetes is a metabolic characterized by high blood glucose, also known as blood sugar level. Insulin is an essential hormone that regulates how the body uses and stores glucose and fat  in our body. Diabetes occurs if production of insulin in the pancreas reduces or stops, resulting in cells unavailable to ab...