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Understanding Your Acne

Acne, commonly known as pimple, zit etc etc. This is one of the most prevalent and frequently faced skin issues by many all across the globe. We all have had days when we woke up with a sudden zit on the face and especially when it's a special day. That red bump with a yellow and painful tip is so annoying! Isn’t it? ...

IVF : A new hope

In Vitro fertilization, is a hope given to women with infertility by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards. It is an assisted reproductive technology that is used to treat infertile females with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes. The method of IVF includes a combination of medicines, surgical pro...

Maternal stress during pregnancy

It is rightly said that the strength of a maternal is like no other. For a mother pregnancy is the phase of major changes. Changes in life, body and emotions. Thus it is very prevalent for them to develop stress during their pregnancy.  Change might be activ...

Importance of sleep for better growth!

From the moment your baby is placed in your arms, they snuggle right into your heart. It is said that if you let your baby’s sleep properly, it will help them move mountains. Not literally, but really sleep plays a crucial role in the development and growth of a child. ...

How to talk to your kids about coronavirus

In the times of coronavirus pandemic , our little monsters i.e. our kids have been sacrificing a lot of their leisure and calm. Although there is much research to suggest that children are at a very low risk of developing coronavirus, It is still essential for them to know what COVID-19 (coronavirus )is...


If you are a conscious parent, you must know your child is what s/he eats. As parents it is our responsibility to build a diet for our children that will take them a long way in life with a healthy body and mind. We are the ones to shape their future, and a healthy body is the vital aspect that cannot be overlooked....

Breastfeeding: Special bond of creation

It is rightly said that breastfeeding is a gift for a mother to herself, her child and nature. It is the foundation of the special bond of creation, which makes a child feel comfortable and stay connected with his mother.  Breastfeeding is like a bumpy ride. There ar...

Before you visit a hospital:  watch out !

During the spread of this covid 19 pandemic, the need of the moment is to be safe in order to keep your loved ones and surrounding safe. After being a spectator of this covid 19 pandemic for 4 months, you don’t need to be taught what precautionary measures you should be taking in order to ensure your safety....

Fungal Ear Infections During Monsoon

The monsoon season is said to be the one where Fungal & Bacterial ear infections jump upto 40%.  According to Dr. Sharad Singhi, a Senior ENT surgeon at Radix Healthcare, Monsoon brings a lot of respite from summer but it brings a lot of problems associated with it...