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Are Rotary brushes right for you?

Rotating Toothbrushes have come into the light recently. Every person wishes to have one as many people say that these brushes have improved the quality of their teeth. Now the question is, are they really right for you?? Keep reading to know more about it!    Rotati...


India’s COVID-19 second wave indicates no signs of coming any sooner. It is spreading like a wildfire. After a dramatic fall in the economy, and a rise in loss of humankind in 2020 it is anticipated that this year it’s gonna be worse.   According to the repo...

Tips To Stay Sane during COVID-19.

Everyday we see a dramatic rise in the number of cases and deaths around us. Traumatic events have taken a toll on our mental health. Just like our physical safety our mental sanity needs attention too. Thus it is very important to know what to do to keep yourself sane and not just safe!! ...

COVID Vaccine: A boon or bane!

Coronavirus vaccines were assessed in clinical preliminaries and have been affirmed on the grounds that those investigations show that the antibody altogether diminishes the likelihood of getting the virus.  In light of what has been demonstrated about Vaccines for d...

COVID Tongue: A new COVID symptom.

Tim Spector, a professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London and the lead investigator of the ZOE COVID Symptom Study, has coined the term “COVID tongue”.  Most people who test positive complain about a number of common symptoms such as short breat...

Radix Recovery Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction!

Although formally known as third molars, the common name is wisdom teeth because they appear so late – much later than the other teeth, at an age where people are presumably "wiser" than as a child, when the other teeth erupt. Evolution had some other plans for us,...


I'm glad that you stumbled upon this blog of ours. If you have a stubborn tooth, which needs to be extracted, and you are scared of the horrific stories you may have heard from people! Be careful, because most of it is not true! So let's debunk some of the Myths vs Facts...

Know how to cope with Post-COVID-symptoms!

As we see the rise in recoveries in India, It is equally important to shift or rather divide our attention from the health active COVID cases to the health of Post-COVID-recovery cases. Organizations like the CDC and WHO, along with our own Ministry of Health and Fa...