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Braces: Myths & Facts: Key to decide your meals after braces.

Crooked teeth or crowding in teeth are the most common dental conditions we see around us! In the world of advanced technology, nothing is impossible! and eliminate all the gaps between your teeth. Many people are scared of getting braces, because of the rotating rumors about it. Lets break some myths and facts abou...

Are Rotary brushes right for you?

Rotating Toothbrushes have come into the light recently. Every person wishes to have one as many people say that these brushes have improved the quality of their teeth. Now the question is, are they really right for you?? Keep reading to know more about it!    Rotati...

Tips for the perfect smile on your Wedding Day!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. For sure, you are nervous but you want to face this new journey of your life, with a beautiful smile!! Everything should be perfect, and most importantly your smile. If you want to have that celebrity smile in all the pictures of your wedding, follow these tips to...

Is Lip reduction Really a thing?

Lip Reduction is a surgical process in which the size of your lips is reduced to the desired size. One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries these days is i.e increasing the size of lips, to give them a better shape. Some of the most common reasons why people get Lip...

Facial Exercises V/s Face lift cosmetic surgery

Facial exercises are very popular these days in terms of being the best way to “tone” and “tighten” your skin. Just the way you work up your body to get the tight muscles, abs, or biceps at the gym, you cannot do the same with your skin. Unfortunately, the two concepts are very different from each other. In fact...

PCOS: The common enemy!

There can be many reasons why very few people have heard of PCOS and yet ironically, 1 in every 10 women of childbearing age are suffering from hormonal issues. The demographic that lies under the possibility of suffering through it ranges from 12 to 45. What Is a PCOD?&n...

Intimate Hygiene is two thirds of health.

Have you ever given your intimate areas more or even equal importance compared to your face or other parts of the body? If you take care of your intimate hygiene, you can  stay fit for long.Before we come to the main point, you will have to answer some of the questions below. ...

Feed Your Baby Right!

Most Parents face the dilemma of not knowing what to feed their newborn exactly, apart from mother’s milk. It’s time to break it down to you!  It is suggested to find a good baby formula for your infant or baby. Infant formula or baby formula is a manufactured fo...

Post-pregnancy Physiotherapy: A blessing for New Mothers

There is beauty in the madness of becoming a mother. Nothing can beat the happiness of giving birth to another life, which almost feels like a Miracle. After delivery, it takes some time for the body to come back to normal. Postnatal pregnancy exercises help you to get body shape back, tone up the lax abdominal muscle and p...