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Radix Respiratory care is a foundation that provides the utmost level of a plethora of diagnostic and therapeutic intervention in the field of respiratory, allergy, sleep and critical care medicine.

The specialists if this department ensures patient satisfaction with a vision of excellence by offering state-of-the-art technology, unparalleled expertise and total commitment towards patient care


The services that the department provides consists of:

USG upper abdomen

USG lower abdomen

USG whole abdomen

USG pelvis



whole abdomen+ PVR

TVS foetal wellbeing

early pregnancy-TVS/GEST

NB NT scan

routine FWB with AFI

routine FWB with AFI & BPS

level ll scan

Growth scan third trimester

Foetal color Doppler

guided procedure neck, thyroid, breast both

soft tissue

scrotum Doppler and bed side extra 500