Achievements in last year’s:
  1. We have carried out numerous Laproscopic surgeries like removal of gall bladder (Lap Cholecystectomy), removal of appendix (Lap appendicectomy), removal of uterus by laproscope (LAVH) & many life saving surgeries by our surgeons. More than 5,000 of such surgeries have been done in last year’s successfully.
  2. More than 8,000 babies have taken birth in MRHC. The best thing is that all the deliveries were comfortable and many of them painless.
  3. Nursery is fully equipped with servo control warmer, phototherapy; multipara monitors etc to take care of delicate newborns. Hundreds of preterm and low birth weight babies were cured here.
  4. Lab – More than 1000 tests are being done every month by Cell Counter, auto analyzers, APTT, Electrolyte Analyzer and other latest equipments.

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