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Opthalmology Department

Overview of Radix Opthalmology Department

The Opthalmology Department at Radix Healthcare is equipped with high quality and cost-effective techniques in order to serve the patients suffering from eye problems. At Radix we offer treatment for eye care at routine basis as well as for other conditions of the eye. The eye care facilities at Radix Include treatments for Cataract, glaucoma, aesthetic plastic eye surgery, PHACO, squint, neuro-ophthalmology, etc. Routine OPD for eye care is also conducted to provide the patients with utmost preventive requirements. Our team of highly experienced surgeons treats the patients with every eye problem, from premature babies to elders. We offer highly sophisticated medical equipment, and excellent post-operation care, all accessible under single roof.

Dr. Nidhi Gupta is the highl- skilled and professional Opthalmologist of Radix Healthcare, who has dedicated herself to patient’s well being.

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