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Overview of Radix Gynaecology

Gynaecology is the science that deals with the health issues related to a female reproductive system and the breasts. It is the ‘science of women’ that deal with women and infant care. The Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department of Radix Healthcare is one of the finest centres for the reproductive health and the gynaecological needs of the women. Gynaecological Surgeries involves a plethora of surgical therapies that depends on the nature of the problem that the women is dealing with. Additionally, they also use various therapies including hormone-modulating therapies to treat disorders of the female genital tract that are responsive to female pituitary signals.

Radix Healthcare offers integrated services for women’s gynaecological needs in a comprehensive, compassionate and dedicated manner. We offer a vast variety of services such as hysterectomy, cancer surgery, cryosurgery, tubal surgeries, ovarian surgeries, etc. Health issues related to different women of different age are addressed in an efficient manner.Dr. Renu Malik, is the leading gynaecologist of Radix Healthcare and has dealt with various problems such as prolapsed uterus, fibroid, menstrual abnormalities, inferitility, abortions, ectopic pregnancy etc. The gynaecologist speciality is very much known for its sophisticated and a dedicated approach towards the women healthcare.

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